Mantras, Meditation, Kirtan

Mantra meditation is a process of hearing and chanting sacred mantras. ‘Man’ means the mind and ‘tra’ means to transport the mind away from the material realm and place it on the spiritual realm. This not only brings peace and happiness to the heart and mind, but it is also a process of self-realization. By regularly engaging in mantra meditation you can gradually realize your true spiritual essence.

The mantras we chant are all names or qualities of the Supreme Soul.

The two ways to practice mantra meditation are-

Japa Meditation~ on meditation beads- this is an individual practice called ‘Japa’ that can be done any time of the day by yourself. A mantra is softly chanted while touching meditation beads which help the mind focus by engaging the sense of touch. This method gives you an opportunity to further develop your spiritual awareness on a regular daily basis.

Kirtan~ singing the mantras in a group- this is called Kirtan. This practice is very enjoyable and has nothing to do with having a good singing voice, so you don’t need to feel shy. It is done in a call-response style where you listen to the mantra being chanted by us and as a group everyone chants together in response to the mantra you heard. We usually play musical instruments also to accompany the tunes we sing.